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Maitreya’s words
- The teaching of ‘now’
- Be more intelligent, stop thinking
- The wind of love makes waves in my heart
- You must fall in love with yourself
- Shame on Truman
- Maitreya’s address to the Kama seminar participants
- What do you think about the end of the world in 2012?
- Salman Khan Honorary Guide of Humanity
- Miko Peled Honorary Guide of Humanity
- About Jesus caricature
- Rael applauds South Africa ‘Occupied Territories’ labels
- Rael applauds three-person civil union in Brazil
- In support of Anonymous
- Genetically modified athletes: why not?
The Raelian Planet
- Stages en Kama
- One Minute for peace Campaign
- Other Diffusions
- Paradism
- Mehran takes an oath without references to god
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