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In this issue:
Maitreya’s words
- If my tears were food
- When serious, we betray the Elohim
- In one action to protect life on earth there is more love for the Elohim than in one million prayers
- 1st Sunday of April, to the Okinawa team:
- To the participants of the Las Vegas HA
- I am the happiest in the world
- Rain meditation
- Is Paradism a Utopia?
- About the Quran
News and views
- Arms Industries should be wordialized
- A memorial in Fukushima with radio active debris
- Rael in support of Brics Union
- Two new Honorary Guides
First Sunday of April celebration
- Mumbai, India
- Celebration Of Life In South Africa
- Brazil
- Ivory Coast, Traditional Chiefs
- Nigeria - First Lagos CPT after six years
Protest against UK Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Pedophilia
- in Korea
- In the US
- In Mexico
- In Australia
Other Diffusions
- Congo, on February 17th
- Grand diffusion in Veracruz, Mexico
- Anti war protest in Las vegas
- Clitoraid announces 5 more Restorative surgeries performed in San Francisco
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