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Words of Maitreya
- What is the most important thing to learn at seminar?
- Happiness is from inside
- Don’t be the spectator of Maitreya, be the actor.
- Real love can only be free
- Maitreya’s speech to the Raelians of Kama
- Happiness is in the preparation of welcoming the Elohim
- The Wind of the Message
- After the Transmission on October 7th
- We are here to bring a tsunami of love on the earth.
- John Pilger Honorary Guide
- Yoram Kaniuk Honorary Guide
- Rael condemns interference of the Vatican in internal affairs of China.
- Rael sent his support to Irish PM
- Pope in Spain
- Women and New testament.
- RAEL Congratulates Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority
- About India offering cars and TV sets for sterilization
- Bolivia’s government has decided to renounce the United Nations’ anti-drug convention
- Muslims Taking Over The World?
- Maitreya about Raelians in Politics
- About the World Revolution.
- Please leave the Planet the way you found it when you were born
MRI News
- New assistant for Maitreya in Asia
- One new Continent..
- New Guides in Asia
- New Guides in Kama
- New Guides in Europe

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