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Maitreya’s words
- About the end of the world prophecies
- Life is dangerous
- Love is what matters,
News and Views
- RAEL supports Kadhafi in face of international aggression against Libya
- Rael Names Minister Farrakhan Honorary Guide of Humanity
- Victim of Hate Crime Rhais Bhuiyan Awarded Title: “Honorary Guide of Humanity”
- Nationwide demonstration in Japan against the use of nuclear energy.
The Raelian Planet
- New National Guides
- Asian Seminar
- European Seminar
Clitoraid in Miami
- Marc Letourneau and Larry Abdullah told us about their participation to the Chicago Slutwalk:
- Emma tells us about the London Slutwalk:
World naked Bike Ride
- Larry reports for Chicago:
- In Toronto by Diane:
Raelians at the Gay parade in Tel Aviv
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