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Maitreya’s Words
1 You are responsible for Universal harmony
3 Asian seminar
News and Views
6 Rael: Craig venter has made the first step towards the creation of synthetic human beings
7 Patch Adams new Honorary Guide
8 Park in Korea
8 Colored bracelets
8 Rael deplores Hawking’s vision of hostile alien invaders
9 Nopedo Raelians arrested by the police, the bishop of Bruges and the cardinal of Danneels still free.
10 Rael calls upon non-Muslims to wear the burqa in support of discriminated Muslim women.
North America
10 US citizenship without the “so help me God”
11 Canada’s White Knight
12 Celebration of femininity
Middle east
13 Syria
13 Lebanon
13 Israel Peace meditation
14 Happiness Academy in is-Rael
South America
15 Brazil new Guides

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