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El "diseño inteligente" es una teoría científica válida

Los ciéntificos doctorados raelianos acogen con agrado invitaciones para hablar a los estudiantes sobre esta teoría alternativa como se esta haciendo ya en la pequeña ciudad de Dover en el condado de York, Pensilvania, que se encuentra hoy en el centro de una discusión sobre los orígenes de la humanidad.
La Dra. Boisselier, portavoz de la Asociación Raeliana de Científicos hizo la siguiente declaración en el día de hoy: Los Raelianos son atéos que defienden el "diseño inteligente" y dedican sus vidas a la ciencia y a la racionalidad. Creemos que debería de ser reglamentario entrenar y educar a los estudiantes a que tengan la mentalidad abierta, y a que ejerzan el pensamiento crítico y que pongan al reto todas las teorías con rigor científico.

El "Diseño Inteligente" no significa una creación hecha por un diós sobrenatural. Esta es una equivocación muy difundida que iguala la teoría del Diseño Inteligente a una creación supernatural.
Los científicos actuales tales como el Dr. Rasmussen de Los Alamos, Norman Packard de Protolife y miles de otros por todo el mundo, estan creando nuevas formas de vida diseñadas para que produzcan nuevos compuestos, para que efectúen tareas nuevas, o simplemente existir con las características mínimas.

This is indeed intelligent design of life. If only 50 years after the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, scientists are designing life, why can�t life on earth be the result of intelligent design by extraterrestrial scientists!? ID theory as promoted by the Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) is a very simple and scientifically parsimonious theory as all scientific theories should be. Raelian ID theory states that the creation of life plus the possibility of space travel will lead to intelligent design and creation of life by scientists who travel in space in search of new planets. Soon our scientists will be on their way to create and foster life elsewhere in the galaxy. NASA scientists are already planning to implant new life forms on other planets.
Basic statistics also indicates that it is very likely life exists elsewhere in the universe. It is foolish to think otherwise. It is also highly probable that some civilizations out there are more advanced than us and could be the ones who came to the earth and created life. This would make them our scientific creators whom we should desire to meet and thank for giving us life. This theory fits well with the archeological and artistic findings from ancient cities containing writings and depictions of spaceships and creator gods coming from the sky to bring wisdom and to guide humanity.
Evolutionary theory harbors increasing flaws. But since it is the only theory taught at schools as the sole explanation of life, its shortcomings are conveniently ignored by teachers and students. As a result, the understanding of the origin of life remains obscure, one-sided and superficial.

Here is a suggested assignment we think students enjoy and learn from.

Quantify the statistical probability of a highly complex living being, with brain and intelligence, and capable of seeing and hearing, coming into existence by random chance in 5 billion years starting with lightening and simple amine molecules!? Here is a hint, first calculate how many years it takes for water, wind, sunshine and lightening to change ammonia molecules to two amino acids linked together by a peptide bond. Remember you will need at least 100 amino acids in the right order to do the most basic biochemical reactions.

The �right order� are the keywords. Can sunshine or wishful thinking put amino acids in the right order!? We think not, especially since chemists have tried such random synthesis and failed. It takes intelligence and design, as chemists succeed when they start from well-designed and defined chemical pathways.

The evolutionary theory is increasingly challenged by credible scientists because there is increasing evidence against it that it cannot explain such as ambiguously classified organisms even though their DNAs have been sequenced. The origin of the diversity of living organisms is also speculative at best and has been taken on faith by many scientists. We, Raelian scientists know this as a fact because we encourage our biologist colleagues to explain and defend their view on evolution and the diversity of life. Our discussions are generally very short-lived and our colleagues could not wait to change the subject.

Intelligent Design is a reasonable alternative to explain the origins of life on Earth. It is a coherent explanation and is a scientifically sound theory. It is critical that students are equally exposed to the ID theory as they are to the theory of evolution, especially now that a peer-reviewed scientific article defending the ID theory has been published (Stephen Meyer, 2004, The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 2004, 117(2):213-239).
Regardless of being theist, atheist or evolutionist, we should all seek true understanding by being ready to change our position if the evidence requires it.


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